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We help end-users and clients find the information they need. We provide an unmatched way of content searching.

New, unmatched way of content searching – the point is to understand

Intelligent search, powered by AI technology, eliminates data silos and helps employees and clients find the information they need quickly and easily

Intelligent Search helps you to discover insights and drive decisions. Discover hidden information in your unstructured document data sets.

Data Review in numerous similar documents takes time and resources. With the AIdot System, it can be done in minutes and you get your desired results.

Relevant information is always available at your employees' fingertips with our knowledge and content management question-answering system for an enriched user experience.

Highly accurate intelligent search
service powered by Machine Learning

AIdot System is a SaaS (Software as a service) Platform hosted in AWS Cloud. An Intelligent Search Service is driven by Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) for your web portals and applications so your employees and clients can easily find the content they are looking for. Even when it is scattered across numerous locations and content repositories within your organization

 Using the AIdot System, you can stop searching through troves of unstructured data and discover the correct answers to your questions — when you need them. In addition, AIdot System is fully managed services, so there are no servers to provision and ML models to build, train or deploy. Instead, we take the whole scope on our shoulders.

According to global customer satisfaction surveys, customers expect almost immediate answers to their questions. Poor service can cause up to 66% of consumers to stop doing business with one brand and switch to another

According to Harvard Business Review, enterprises that drive initiatives to enhance employee experience are four times more profitable than those that do not. — Global study shows that effective work experience is essential for retaining top talent

Give employees access to value-add AI-based systems to improve their work experience and reduce the time allocated to tedious tasks. For example, why should they take hours to read reports when they can find answers in seconds with AIdot System.

Get better answers upfront using Natural Language

Use Natural Language human questions in addition to simple keywords to get the answers and fact-find you are looking for. AIdot System will return an exact answer from within a document, whether it’s a text snippet in MS Word or a PDF document 


Instead of sifting through tons of documents from many unstructured repositories to find specific answer, AIdot also provides suggested answers up front. This is a huge difference between conventional search and experience of Intelligent Search


Embracing unstructured data - being ready for the future

Gartner's research predicts that the volume of data in the world will grow 800% over the next five years, and up to 80% of that data will be completely unstructured. Unstructured data consist of information that doesn't reside in a traditional row-column database. Typical examples are legal documents, images, medical records, and other types.
On average, less than 1% of a company's unstructured data is analysed or used. AIdot System can read, analyse and understand all the information in your documents. Does that continuously, even when you are a sleep All you have to do is just search for what interest you.

How does it work?

Finding relevant answers – quickly

It is time to say goodbye to sifting through a long list of irrelevant links and scanning documents wishing that one has the information you need. Unlike legacy (old) search technologies, Natural Language Understanding (NLU) search capabilities always return the answers you are looking for quickly and accurately, no matter in which silos the information lives within your organisation.

Each document goes through a seven-layer process before it is available to you – literally, this process takes only a second

  • Upload documents manually, or documents are retrieved automatically from numerous repositories that you have via connectors and continuously synchronised.
  •  Extract Information from documents in different formats: JPEG, DOC, PDF, XLS, tables, forms (unstructured data)
  • Translate documents if they are in an unsupported language (34 languages are supported)
  • Comprehend, read, analyse 100% understand the entire document. Focus on context by quipping your Intelligent Search  to index key phrases, entities, and sentiment, not just keywords
  • Augmented AI (A2I) reviews and sets thresholds to ensure that the highest standards meet data and information.
  • Machine Learning (ML) learns and improves on its own using algorithms and patterns to cross-check current and new documents with existing datasets.
  • Intelligent Search, asking questions in Natural Language, for example; ‘What is the best net profit for company ABC? AIdot System will find the correct and most relevant answer. In most cases will summarise in ‘its own words’ – a holistic approach by ML from datasets

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Easily add intelligence to your existing service to improve productivity, saves time and reduce costs

Intelligent SearchAIdot System is a SaaS service that assists attorneys, lawyers and Law Firms to process documents at scale using Artificial Intelligence. Our Intelligent Cognitive Search reads and understands the information in all complex documents; therefore, the end-user can ask questions and find answers. Automating the Intelligent search process. Data review is a document comparison solution to find missing information across documents. Also, lawyers can find the core information within documents by asking questions for due diligence


Experience diversities of knowledge in one place at your fingertips.

Using the AIdot System to aggregate content from all repositories makes it easy to collect old and the latest data – information.  With connectors, it’s possible to access all of your repositories and see how easily AIdot can integrate with your company’s system. Some of the well-known repositories are Microsoft SharePoint, SalesForce, Slack, Databases (all flavours, SAP, Oracle, SQL, RDS), Cloud Storage Drives, EMC, IBM, Jira, LDAP, MS Exchange, and many others.

AIdot System creates a centralized index that lets you quickly search all of your enterprise data and find the most accurate answer. - AI. Intelligent Cognitive Search and Document Comparing - AI. Intelligent Cognitive Search and Document Comparing

Accelerate Mergers and Acquisitions with Intelligent Research

With the Web Crawler connector, AIdot System can read content from external web portals, an advantageous option if you are performing due diligence for Mergers and Acquisitions. In addition, the system will analyze and comprehend so many layers of all public information for a public company – your client.

With faster, more accurate searches, business analysts, consultants, and lawyers spend less time searching and more time innovating.

The Finest Search Results

AIdot Systems’ Machine Learning (ML) models come pre-trained across 14 industry domains, so it perfectly understands the jargon and contextual information, extracting more accurate answers across a wide range of business use cases.

You have an option to fine-tune search results by manually adjusting the importance of data source, authors, or freshness or by using unique tags. - AI. Intelligent Cognitive Search and Document Comparing

Duplication Of Work Costs You Time And Money. With AIdot System, We Have A Solution

In every organization, talented people work and seldomly move on to a different company. Yet, during the time in your business, they have produced volumes of excellent documentation, perhaps a perfect pitch to win a new business, or outstanding legal or trade agreements.

Now, who has the time to read those excellent documents containing valuable data produced in the company’s time? Inevitably similar documents will be produced by others, entirely unnecessarily – if only someone bothered to look for them with Intelligent Search – now this is possible with the AIdot System.


What is the influence of Automation on enterprise business, and what can we learn from it?

About half of the S&P 500 will be replaced over the next ten years, according to Innosight. All businesses are going digital -- the winners will be those who do so to the quickest and greatest extent. It may be informed speculation to say the landscape of companies will change dramatically over the next decade. Still, one thing is for certain: the Winners, even the Survivors -- will be highly AUTOMATED! - AI. Intelligent Cognitive Search and Document Comparing

Built by Experts, Engineers with passion and love

Use AIdot System Intelligent Search and Data Comparison to the full extent with confidence. To maintain a high level of accuracy, our system was developed by our team of experienced and knowledgeable DevOps, Infrastructure and Security engineers, and subject matter experts who worked at renowned enterprises such as BP, HPE, Thomson Financial, Unilever, and Visa

Increase employee productivity

By unifying and indexing content from diverse, contrasting, and multi-structure information silos, organisations can build and preserve a single active knowledge catalogue for all employees. With this centralised view, users can quickly search and access the most relevant information across any knowledge source to make more informed decisions. - AI. Intelligent Cognitive Search and Document Comparing

“Intelligent Automation is a journey, not a destination” — IA is not a one-off exercise; it is a never-ending transformation journey.
It continually brings additional benefits to the organisation by applying evolving concepts, methods and technologies. Start with AIdot System!

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