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Firstly, the most critical information in document searching has to be Comprehension (fully understanding), which is the work of AI/ML/NLP. Subsequently, users can search records in connected repositories by asking natural language questions.

  • Higher Accuracy of Data – Using ML can help you process documents faster and more accurately, reducing errors caused by manual entry. In cases where data needs to be 100% accurate, you can have a human step in at any time and review data.
  • Faster Data Processing – Implementing intelligent document processing can help you accomplish weeks or months of work in a matter of days.
  • Improved Employee Productivity – Machine learning removes the manual process of pulling out insights from documents and entering information into various systems, enabling your employees to spend more time on value-adding business tasks.
  • Cost Savings – Automating document workflows reduces data extraction and analysis complexity, reducing the average cost per document.

In AIdot System, Fact-Finding Solution is a fundamental platform, as all the ‘magic’ of AI/ML/NLP happens here – documents are entirely read and understood. Therefore we call this a ‘Core Module.’ Subsequently, this module empowers end-users to find documents quickly, avoiding duplication of works. Especially if someone else was working on a historical project, information is rapidly needed to pitch for a new business. There are countless examples to show the usefulness of our systems. Information is the KEY.

Our clients in many fields of operations that are conscious of Digital Transformation, Automation have asked us to deliver a system that streamlines tedious and repetitive day-to-day tasks. This is how AIdot System was born.

Imagine you have to review 200+ very similar documents; however, because of business requirements, the data in those documents have to be very accurate. The idea behind the ‘Document Compering’ Module is that a ‘Master Copy’ of the document is created, checked and verified by company experts. Each sentence is read twice for all the dots and comas to make sure all is correct. Against ‘Master Copy’, our Document Comparing module can cross-check hundreds of documents. Our clients tell us that they most likely need to verify 20-30 points across the platform. We create a template with relevant questions, and documentation can be uploaded for compering. What normally takes weeks, our system can do in a matter of minutes. Actually, as soon as the documents are uploaded, there is a graphic interface showing which green documents are red. The output can be exported to Excel or PDF, so you know what documents need further work.
Many companies that focus on Data Review, Due Diligence are using this module.

Using connectors makes it easy to synchronise data from multiple content repositories. Connectors can be scheduled to automatically sync your index with your data source, so you are always securely searching through the most up to date content.

Our most popular connector is ‘Web Crawling’; this is very useful when a client starts a new project and needs to conduct due diligence on information from a web portal.

We provide many native connectors to Databases, Confluence, Microsoft One Drive, SharePoint, ServiceNow, Salesforce, Google Drive, Web Crawler, and Custom Data Source

On top of that, we offer a huge number of bespoke connectors to Aderant, Adobe, Alfresco, Jira (all flavours), Azure AD, Bing, Box, Confluence (all flavours), eRoom, EMC, Facebook, File Share, Google Cloud, Drive, HP, HPE, IBM, iManage, LDAP, LexisNexis, MediaPlatform, Wiki, Microsoft 365, Exchange, Teams, NetApp, Neudesic, OpenText, Oracle (all flavours), PracticalLaw, ProLaw, PubChem, PubMed, SAP (all flavours), ServiceNow, SharePoint (all flavours), Veritas and many more.

Our goal from the start was to build a system that is easy to use self-explanatory. The fundamental reason is so easy is because AI/ML/NLP is doing all the challenging, tedious, boring work in the back-end. You don’t have to spend time reading a 300-page document to find answers to some questions you may have. AIdot will do that for you in a matter of seconds.

We care more! Clients objective requirements are paramount to us.
We focus only on AI/ML solutions that deliver proven growth, automate, streamline services for our clients, and subsequently give an edge advantage over their competitors.

AIdot System is a secure, resilient, scalable Cloud-based platform to give organisations in-depth insight into the vast, sometimes overwhelming documentation. Other legacy tools manage only certain aspects in operation; however, only AIdot System is a fully intelligent solution, end-to-end system, which delivers a robust output and your organisation can grow into in a short space of time. Once tested, you won’t think to go into anything else.

AIdot System is available currently with three modules for a complete end-to-end workflow. However, we are working on many other features that benefit our clients. So it is safe to say that we will realise a new module every quarter.

These Modules are:

AIdot System – Fact-Finding Solution (Intelligent Search)

— Fact-Finding Solution powered by AI/ML/NLP is a bespoke system to assist end-users employees in your organisation to find information quickly. In other words, find facts from vast documents. No matter how old they are and how unstructured. If the information is there, it will find it. Very versatile solution that allows you to save $5,700 per employee (source IDC). Further on statistics, 22% of users’ time is spent on searching, and out of that 44%, they can’t find what they are looking for (source IDC and McKinsey). We want to rectify that with AIdot System.
— Fact-Finding Solution consists of several smaller modules that the document goes through for accurate and comprehensive results and agile search. These phases are — Document Upload (or Connector), Information Extract (various formats, unstructured data), Document Translation, Reading Comprehension (syntax 100% understandable), Augmented AI (A2I, double-checking), Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing, final phase ‘Searching’ by asking natural language questions.
— Truly bespoke and comprehensive solutions to streamline document understanding for historical and current data. All these workflows are triaged, managed and tracked with robust automation.

AIdot System is an ‘out of the box’ SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) product which means it is pretty straightforward to set up from a technical perspective.
However, depending on the size of your organisation and the range of topics you deal with, we will work with you to configure the platform to reflect the processes and workflows that will be best for the result you are trying to achieve

Therefore, we are happy to customise, tweak, optimise the AIdot System on a per-client basis to meet every single requirement and subsequently add value and bring growth.

AIdot System is based on a module and user basis, so you only pay for what you use.
We place great importance on scalability, we know our clients want to start with a defined group of users, and it’s essential to be able to add on users and modules without being penalised. Our Pricing Model is indicative, and we can adjust it to particular client needs.

Security in AIdot System is paramount

AIdot System is hosted in AWS Cloud, the best in class Cloud infrastructure with an array of security tools to help secure, maintain, and secure at 100% all the time. One of those tools is ‘Security Hub’, which applies granular checks to ensure compliance to PCI DSS (secure as a bank) or higher. Additionally, we encourage our clients to do independent penetration testing before uploading any data. We are always confident those checks will pass with flying colours.

We are committed to maintaining a trust and compliance program that meets your organisations’ needs and expectations

AIdot System is hosted from AWS (Amazon Web Services), which we have judged as the best in class Cloud Infrastructure for the kind of work organisations are doing and the confidential data you want to store.
We employ AWS Data Centers in multiple regions for resiliency purposes, so your data will reside in the Region you choose. We require that you pick up a minimum of three Regions. For example, in Europe: Ireland, Frankfurt and Stockholm.

Yes, indeed.
In fact, we encourage you to store as much data in the Cloud (AWS) because the platform is your central repository, with encryption at rest, file versioning (preventing deletion by mistake), and many other features.
The main benefit is that it will help you use a keyword search in a vast volume of documents, and it will save you the expense of acquiring, maintaining and managing other document storage products.

Our objective is to ensure you never have to prepare or pay for the same service, piece of advice twice. First, we capture everything in structured or unstructured data, and then we help you to curate it and present it back to your organisation in an easy, transparent format at your fingertips.

Absolutely, we have several ways to restrict access to files, documents, resources. One of the options includes restricting the systems so that some users cannot see any sensitive details. Making individual or department data private within AIdot Systems allows only a subset of the team to have full access.

Our system – AIdot, is a bespoke solution with several complementing options, including Document Compering. Additionally, and this is a huge plus point, we can easily integrate it with over 30 main applications and well-known software, such as SharePoint, Databases, Microsft One Drive

Yes, and this is our unique selling point. As you have noticed from our ‘Pricing Model’, we provide Support and dedicated time from our DevOps team. We know each client is different and has various requirements, and we want to address any issues or ‘wish lists’ by delivering an extra service that will add value to the business.
Each of our Clients has an Account Manager responsible for the delivery and maintenance of the entire project throughout its lifespan. You can reach her/him by email or telephone. Our vision is to deliver a tailor-made service.

Approximately three months. We would set up several meetings to understand your objectives and infrastructure. We aim to deliver the best possible solution for your business, which demands some time.
Why three months? We take the cloud environment’s security very seriously, and we have to make sure that it complies with PCI DSS before moving any data documents into the new infrastructure. This process alone takes 50% of the time, and then we concentrate on the AI/ML section of the project to deliver added value to your business.

The next step is to book a demo below to see how AIdot System can help your organisation. After that, we will answer all your questions and are happy to provide advice on your future path.

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