Small, Medium Businesses and Corporations

Make Data-Driven Decisions Across Your Business

Forecast business outcomes easily and accurately by finding correct information

By absorbing the latest technology such as AI/ML Automation, you gain an advantage over competition and enterprises. Cloud Platform makes it possible.

Pitching for a new business again? find the documents that made your pitch successful. Even though the old team has moved on, always stay in control.

What happens when a productive employee leaves? No one has the time to go through old, valid, and valuable documentation. Time to rectify this problem through AI

We created the AIdot System to offload your employees from tedious, repetitive tasks so they can focus on products and experiences that consumers demand. - AI. Intelligent Cognitive Search and Document Comparing

Data is worth more than Oil.
Make wise Data-Driven across your business

Generate new revenue streams, provide more excellent client value, and exceed competition with the highest accuracy using AIdot's AI and ML latest technology to read, analyze, comprehend and search vast volumes of documents - reports. What took months can now be achieved in 30 minutes with the AIdot system.

Accelerate your operations

Automation powered by Artificial Intelligence is helping businesses to transform the customer experience by providing valuable customer insights. Therefore, allowing employees or managers to make better decisions by escaping human error and freeing them for high-level business tasks.

We have observed and learned from many interviews conducted with business owners that their employees need tools to address tedious and time-consuming tasks. Especially with the millennial generation that is used to smartphones, everything happens with just a few clicks. Similarly, this also applies to senior workers, as sometimes they feel burned out.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are perfect innovative technologies to assist and enhance to a new level the tasks in your organization.

With Intelligent Search, people can always find information, even old or historic, done by someone else, which is now very relevant. Most importantly, they don’t have to spend hours or days reading through piles of documents – accurate answers are at their fingertips.

Using Document Comparing or sometimes called Data Review, you can quickly check whether vital paragraphs or crucial information are propagated in hundreds of documents with just a click of a button. This enhances accuracy, saves an enormous amount of time, and lifts the morale of your employees, as, in the old fashioned way, this task was taking days, but with AI only 30 minutes.


Small Business vs Giant Enterprise

Facebook and Apple don't ignore any of their data, no matter how small it is - neither should you. Small Businesses learning from big enterprises have to recognise and understand how they can better use their data. We encourage SMBs to make steps towards automation and AI/ML. It doesn't cost much; please check our pricing.

Use cases

What problems is AI helping to solve?

Selling expensive, high-end goods demand a great understanding of data. Humans just aren’t that great at combing through terabytes of statistical and demographic data to spot correlations. Our AIdot System will help you find answers buried in datasets

How is AI used in practice?

AI and its immense speed and processing power, computer algorithms can ingest customer or potential customer data far more quickly and spot patterns and correlations that a human analyst would never see. For example, we use AI/ML in our AIdot System.

All information is in details - Results

Harley-Davidson understood that moving to AI-driven customer targeting increased its lead generation by 2,930% and doubled its sales. This is the true power of your information and understanding it with AI. We can assist you with the process and forecasting.

Key Challenges, Learning Points

The amount of data available on customer behaviour, and your product today means it is possible to forecast where to find clients more accurately than ever before – and AI is ideally suited to understanding the data and providing valuable insight.

Expand and Cultivate your Client base

Unlock the immense power of your firm's data

Data and information are now the world’s most valuable commodities. Extract vital insights from your structured and unstructured data within your documents and reporting. Take advantage of AIdot Systems AI/ML technology and discover many hidden opportunities. Be confident in addressing any challenges backed by trusted data. - AI. Intelligent Cognitive Search and Document Comparing - AI. Intelligent Cognitive Search and Document Comparing

Enhance Client Services and User Experience

Time is a very precious commodity. We give you time back to focus on delivering automation within your environment so you can provide an enhanced service for your clients. In addition, artificial intelligence can assist your team in empowering to inform to realize existing revenue opportunities.

Why do you need an Intelligent (Cognitive) Search?
Let us present five core cases in what way companies use the Intelligent Search to their advantage

Increase Employee Productivity
By quickly and easily find accurate information, including engineering, finance, legal and HR.

Dramatically accelerate research and enhance compliance
By finding relevant information in highly technical analysis and regulatory documents

Considerably reduce support time and cost
Enhance the user experience by effortlessly finding answers to questions on websites in any industry – sector. Without any bot training

Increase revenue in e-Commerce
By helping customers find the products they seek by detailed descriptions quickly and easily

Easily build more Intelligent Applications and Integrations
Such as policy management systems, regulatory compliance and eDiscovery


“Continuously discovering, learning, improving Intelligent, Cognitive Search brings to the surface the best, most accurate answers, positively received by internal stakeholders, end-users and partners”

Plan your Journey

Business Proposition, the End Goal

Artificial Intelligence is fantastic for single tasks that enable and enhance your employees in daily processes. You can almost eliminate human-prone errors and save valuable time and money with AI. You will retain talented employees for years, and as their work becomes more manageable, they will have time to become more creative and innovative. You will notice a tangible ROI within less than twelve months or as soon as three months. Most importantly, you will gain a tremendous advantage over your competition, and additionally, you can open new revenue streams with AI

Find, Identify and Mitigate Risks

AIdot System can connect to all your existing applications, databases, and repositories. Subsequently, this allows all your departments to gain full visibility to datasets, documentation, and reporting. Furthermore, the Intelligent System can find information in unstructured data and make it understandable.

Your teams have the advantage of proactively analysing areas of exposure to compliance and operational data and mitigating any potential financial or reputational threats. - AI. Intelligent Cognitive Search and Document Comparing


AIdot System - Highly accurate intelligent search service powered by Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing giving you agility and advantage over competition.


Artificial Intelligence assists us in collecting information from documents to reduce review times and improve operational efficiencies with unsupervised learning from data sets.

Cost savings

Research shows that companies see a conversion cost reduction of up to 20% when using AI to improve core business processes. So while AI may seem intimidating at first, the benefits are well worth the investment.


How AI boosts revenue?

Largely, AI improves companies’ capabilities to grow revenue in two distinct ways. First, AI’s ability to detect very weak signals helps companies develop, refine, and generate numerous forecasts (such as those for demand, supply, inventory, prices, and logistics). Second, the speed at which AI works provides companies with the ability to analyse large amounts of data to make decisions in real time. By improving the accuracy of forecasts and by enabling real-time decisions, AI helps companies generate more revenue.

Gain actionable insights

Frictionless Data Capture

Extract data from the real world's endless variety of document formats and layouts using AIdot System scalable cognitive data capture.

Automate with AI/ML

Document classification and data capture are Automated as standard, and the Machine Learning model keeps adapting to forthcoming data

Humans and Machines

Work better together. Automating document processing in a fraction of the time with bespoke integrating data connectors

Zero-Error Workflow

Save your team valuable time wasted on manually processing endless requests. AIdot System integrated directly with all repositories to automate workflow

Place for Automation

Automation is being used in many areas such as manufacturing, transport, utilities, facilities and operations. We offer tailor-made integrations

Running in the Cloud

Our SaaS AIdot System is 100% in AWS Cloud. It gives an advantage for quick deployment, scalability, high availability, security and is very cost-effective - AI. Intelligent Cognitive Search and Document Comparing

Increase Employee Experience and Satisfaction

Shift away from tedious, manual, time-consuming, and labour-intensive document reviews and focus on allocating time more wisely for greater productivity. Find the new balance with AIdot System to help lower incidences of burnout.

The young generation is eager to try Automation and Artificial Intelligence in their daily scope of work and widen their Horizons.

How Can AI increase profitability in your business?

More than a productivity, and efficiency enhancer, we view AI as an entirely new aspect of production that can stop and reverse the tendency of falling profit growth in three ways: by optimizing processes with intelligent automation systems, augmenting human labor and physical capital, and by propelling innovations. - AI. Intelligent Cognitive Search and Document Comparing

Our approach, Key challenges, Learning Points – why we created AIdot System?

Delivering Artificial Intelligence as-a-service hast the potential to drive solid economic growth by inspiring businesses of any dimension to take advantage of these powerful tools and technologies

Top Questions about AIdot System

Our goal from the start was to build a system that is easy to use self-explanatory. The fundamental reason is so easy is because AI/ML/NLP is doing all the challenging, tedious, boring work in the back-end.

Security in AIdot System is paramount AIdot System is hosted in AWS Cloud, the best in class Cloud infrastructure with an array of security tools to help secure, maintain, and secure at 100% all the time

Imagine you have to review 200+ very similar documents; however, because of business requirements, the data in those documents have to be very accurate.

We help businesses to create a data strategy to identify the critical datasets to lay foundations, and we quantify it with AI Solution