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AIdot assists in comparing source documents with reference documents on phrases, topics, sentiments, and semantic search.

Our project team reviews the client's contract to confirm project feasibility. Ensuring contract accuracy and viability is our priority.

Reviews the tender specification contracts for critical conditions and flagging those that need to be reviewed. We would highlight the text to be corrected

Automatically review and compare content within contracts, at scale finding conflicting or missing sections, paragraphs, and specific terms

Inbound client Requests for Proposals (RFP) require review by multiple internal teams to confirm document accuracy. The process normally takes 30 days but it can be done with our AI in 30 mins.

Enhance productivity with AI based document comparison for data review

Knowledgable professionals spend hours every day comparing contracts, agreements, leases – text-based data. Our Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) tools help combine pieces of textual content-based and their semantic similarity in seconds. 

AIdot Systems reads and understands information within documents. All you have to do is ask questions regarding the data you want to review and compare. Because it is powered by AI innovative technology, it will discover with great accuracy what information is correct or missing against the document ‘Master Copy.’

How to make Legal Documents Comparing ‘Data Review’
Less Expensive?

Legal Document Comparing and finding answers to questions without having to read complete documents is so easy now!!!


Clear your document review backlog: Under a month!

What makes it unique?

AI Powered

We employ Artificial Intelligence and cutting-edge Natural Language processing algorithms to ensure functionality and high-precision results


AIdot System can simultaneously compare hundreds of documents against end-user specified criteria and a master copy and deliver accuracy scoring.

Semantic Search

The system understands the questions and user intent instead of keyword matching alone. Topics and concepts can be linked and related to information

How many documents can you review in an hour?

Old fashioned, Legacy way

An average reviewer may only look at 20-30 documents in an hour. In general, assuming that reviewers are looking at a mix of documents that include some tables. Experienced reviewers can average 40-50 documents per hour, providing that no more than two dozen criteria are selected – in scope.

Innovative way powered by Automation and AI

The scalable and agile process to review and compare hundreds or more documents in a single go. As soon as documents are uploaded to AIdot System and comparing criteria selected (no limit on how many questions are specified) the system will provide a report in seconds, and deliver with high accuracy which documents passed and failed 


Contract Comprehension and comparison

Automatically evaluate and compare content within contracts, highlighting conflicts between your standard terms and client-specified items. As a result, it saves time and money to become more efficient.

How does it work?

Comparing many documents simultaneously.
It saves you a tremendous amount of time. What took weeks can be done in 30 min with high-level accuracy.
AIdot System compares content within documents to quickly review similarities and differences based on your questions.

  • Master Copy – select and upload a master document to compare against
  • Specify Criteria – we advise creating a subject template and specifying questions for the answers you seek. Usually, law firms will ask in the range of 20-50 questions 
  • Import Documents – all documents that you need to compare, many multiples in a single go
  • Comprehend, Semantic Search, read, analyse 100% understand the entire document, its content
  • Preliminary Results – all the documents will have percentage scoring to show which one presents a problem for further review.
  • Review – in a detailed inspection, the end-user can determine which sections are missing or incorrect. Such a document needs to be amended and corrected accordingly.
  • Export Reports – names of correct and incorrect documents highlighted in the report can be processed by the correct department to review and input information.

Who can benefit from document comparing? - AI. Intelligent Cognitive Search and Document Comparing

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Automatically review and compare content within contracts, save time and money.

Document ComparingAIdot System is a SaaS service that assists attorneys, lawyers and Law Firms to process documents at scale using Artificial Intelligence. Our Intelligent Cognitive Search reads and understands the information in all complex documents; therefore, the end-user can ask questions and find answers. Automating the Intelligent search process. Data review is a document comparison solution to find missing information across documents. Also, lawyers can find the core information within documents by asking questions for due diligence

Essential reasons AI-led automation
is vital to document comparing

Generate more business by having Automation and AI on your side

With the AIdot intelligent System, optimize your time to take on more projects and create new business avenues. For example, law firms can increase their potential to secure client relationships and upsell more comprehensive legal services, such as Document Comparing.

90% of documents are processed manually, which is slow, and many Law Firms are struggling to validate and compare many agreements. With our AIdot System, you can off-load outstanding jobs from other legal businesses. - AI. Intelligent Cognitive Search and Document Comparing - AI. Intelligent Cognitive Search and Document Comparing

Enhance Client Services and User Experience

People want their work to be easier and more interesting. What is the point of giving them tedious tasks? With the AIdot System, they can compare much more documents with higher accuracy in a shorter time. The process uses Intelligent Automation and gives an enormous satisfaction of completing work in minutes instead of days or weeks.

Faster Return on Investment

 AIdot tool can be used out of the box (rather than being trained for weeks or months) No-code Document Comparing saves time that would have been spent potentially creating hundreds of templates and rules.

With a lower total cost of ownership, via a subscription model, enterprises can apply Automated Document Processing to a wide range of documents to realize ROI faster compared to traditional tools. - AI. Intelligent Cognitive Search and Document Comparing - AI. Intelligent Cognitive Search and Document Comparing

We Make use of Natural Language Understanding

NLU can deduce what questions mean, regardless of how they are expressed, allowing users to interact with the AIdot System using natural sentences.

The process provides an enormous advantage when asking dozens of questions in Document Comparison.

Semantic Search

The AIdot System using the Document Comparing function attempts to understand the user’s intent instead of keyword matching alone. Subjects and concepts can be linked and related information can be suggested. - AI. Intelligent Cognitive Search and Document Comparing


How powerful are AI and subset technologies?

We talk a tremendous amount about analysing text with ML and NLP. To illustrate what a powerful technology is, read and compare your text. GPT-3 (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) is the most potent NLP model. The model leverages deep learning to produce human-like text. It has been trained with one trillion words of data coming from the web and uses 175 billion parameters, and delivers a high level of accuracy. - AI. Intelligent Cognitive Search and Document Comparing

Built by Experts Engineers with passion and love

Use AIdot System Intelligent Search and Data Comparison to the full extent with confidence. To maintain a high level of accuracy, our system was developed by our team of experienced and knowledgeable DevOps, Infrastructure and Security engineers, and subject matter experts who worked at renowned enterprises such as BP, HPE, Thomson Financial, Unilever, and Visa

What is the average rate of legal document review, per reviewer, on an hourly basis?

It all depends on the complexity of the legal document review protocol. In general, assuming that reviewers look at a mix of documents that include some tables and forms, most reviewers average 20-30 documents per hour.

With AIdot System, we can quickly achieve ten-fold that figure – a disturbing improvement. - AI. Intelligent Cognitive Search and Document Comparing

“Intelligent Automation is a journey, not a destination — IA is not a one-off exercise; it is a never-ending transformation journey. It continually brings additional benefits to the organisation by applying evolving concepts, methods and technologies. Start with AIdot System!

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