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Improve Efficiencies, Reduce Risk

Forecast business effects easily and accurately using Machine Learning (ML)

Data is providing vital opportunities. With the AIdot System, businesses can unlock this data and stay ahead of the curve, navigating regulatory and capital uncertainties.

Scare Operations by forecasting millions of items. Improve capital utilization and make long-term decisions with more confidence in embracing innovations

Optimize your financial planning, predict your resource requirements in near real-time and improve customer satisfaction with accurate forecasts.

We can assist you in forecasting to automatically inspect the data, identify the key attributes, and select the right algorithm needed for forecasting. - AI. Intelligent Cognitive Search and Document Comparing

Focus On High-Value Work With An Intelligent AIdot System To Comprehend And Review Financial Reports

Generate new revenue streams, provide more excellent client value, and exceed competition with the highest level of accuracy using AIdot's AI and ML latest technology to read, analyze, comprehend and search vast volumes of documents. What would have been achieved in months is accomplished in 30 minutes with the AIdot system.

Accelerate your Financial operations

Artificial Intelligence can free up employees, improve security measures and ensure that the business moves in the right technology-advanced, and creative direction. For example, according to Forbes, 70% of financial firms use Machine Learning to forecast cash flow events, adjust credit scores, and detect fraud. - AI. Intelligent Cognitive Search and Document Comparing


How can Artificial Intelligence help forcast demand better?

With Intelligent Forecasting, business leaders are creating a planning process that works for them—all based on predictive modeling and advanced analytics. This value-added data and insight provide visibility into what exactly drives the business. It allows Financial Services to determine and eliminate bias from forecasts.

Use cases

Accelerate Financial research - reporting

Business Analysts who lead new research and innovation need easy access to information from clients and previous work that is buried within a company’s data stores. With agile and more accurate searches, they spend less time fact-finding and more time working on high-profile projects.

Centralise access to knowledge

Using AIdot System, you can easily aggregate content (financial reports, information) from various repositories into a centralized index that allows your team of analysts to quickly search all of your enterprise data and find the most accurate answer

Data Review, Document Comparing

Now, Financial organizations can leverage our intelligent AIdot Systems to cut financial review and document comparison by 80%. In other words, what took weeks or months, can now be accomplished in minutes with the highest accuracy and efficiency.

Mitigate regulatory and compliance risks

Use AI and ML to quickly identify and interpret regulatory policies published across hundreds of various web portals so you can improve content information with granular accuracy and compliance processes. Delivering error-free agreements to your clients.

Expand and Cultivate your Client base

Track vital information and minimise agreement risks

With the AIdot intelligent System, you can optimize your time to take on more projects and create new business avenues. Financial Services can increase their potential to secure client relationships and upsell more comprehensive services, such as Forecasting to identify complex demand relationships.


Predict clients’ needs by combining historical sales and demand data with associated factors. - AI. Intelligent Cognitive Search and Document Comparing - AI. Intelligent Cognitive Search and Document Comparing

Enhance Client Services and User Experience

Time is a very precious commodity.

We give you time back to focus on delivering automation within your environment so you can provide a better service for your clients.

Artificial Intelligence can support your team in providing more valuable and comprehensive Financial advice, services, and solutions

Accelerate and Transform Processes

Complete finance documents and report reviews in a fraction of the time. AIdot financial services can hasten the risk management processes and day-to-day review requirements by extracting only the most relevant provisions and data points to bypass layers of excess human-level reviews. - AI. Intelligent Cognitive Search and Document Comparing


AIdot System - Highly accurate intelligent search service powered by Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing giving you agility and advantage over competition.


Artificial Intelligence assists us in collecting information from documents to reduce review times and improve operational efficiencies with unsupervised learning from data sets.

Cost savings

Research shows that companies see a conversion cost reduction of up to 20% when using AI to improve core business processes. So while AI may seem intimidating at first, the benefits are well worth the investment.


Why is AI important for Financial Services?

Financial Firms, Investment Houses, Lenders can use AI to transform the customer experience by enabling frictionless, 24/7 customer service interactions — and AI in banking applications isn't just limited to simple financial services. The back-end and middle offices of investment banking and all other financial services for that matter could also benefit from AI agility and accuracy.

Gain actionable insights

Demand Forecasting

The process of using predictive analysis with the use of AI/ML of historical data to estimate and predict your clients' future demands

Customer Lifetime Value

Understand your customers' long-term to make better informed short-term decisions on which client to prioritise.

Predicting Clients' Churn

Analysing patterns in specific customer behaviour and historical data, AI/systems enable businesses to predict who may leave

Platform Transformation

Financial Services can make the fintech revolution work to their advantage by embracing platform business models for growth.

Creativity, Efficiency

Improve the efficiency and creativity of your TEAM dramatically with an innovative and bespoke AIdot System with an intuitive user experience

Being Data-Led

With the ability to collect and analyse vast quantities of data, AI/ML can enable a deep understanding of customers


What is the value proposition?

AIdot System using innovative, latest technologies such as AI and ML is a potent and extremely valuable tool. It essentially allows computer systems to think and behave like humans at much faster speeds, ample storage, and much more processing power to review and comprehend information within documents. - AI. Intelligent Cognitive Search and Document Comparing

Increase Employee Experience and Satisfaction

Shift away from tedious, manual, time-consuming, and labour-intensive document reviews and focus on allocating time more wisely for greater productivity. Find the new balance with the AIdot System to help lower incidences of burnout.

We can ease pressure on your Team with AI.

The young generation is eager to try Automation and Artificial Intelligence in their daily scope of work and widen their Horizons.

Gain in-depth visibility you need to make data-driven decisions

AIdot System is a bespoke machine Learning technology that automatically identifies and extracts financial reports from documents. AIdot Software as a Service solution can be deployed as ‘out-of-the-box’; however, we pride ourselves on making it tailor-made to address all our clients’ requirements. - AI. Intelligent Cognitive Search and Document Comparing

“We know that Automation, Artificial Intelligence is changing the quality of products and services in the Financial industry. With our AIdot System, we want to provide better methods to handle data and improve customer experience. Furthermore, we want to simplify, make agile and redefine legacy processes to make them more efficient.”

Top Questions about AIdot System

Our goal from the start was to build a system that is easy to use self-explanatory. The fundamental reason is so easy is because AI/ML/NLP is doing all the challenging, tedious, boring work in the back-end.

Security in AIdot System is paramount AIdot System is hosted in AWS Cloud, the best in class Cloud infrastructure with an array of security tools to help secure, maintain, and secure at 100% all the time

Imagine you have to review 200+ very similar documents; however, because of business requirements, the data in those documents have to be very accurate.

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