AIdot for Consulting firms

Unlock the value of data for your clients

Forecast business outcomes easily and accurately using Machine Learning (ML)

With the AIdot System, Consulting firms can leverage business potential and understand it, bringing transformation from an idea converted into a successful reality.

Intelligent Search helps you to discover insights and drive decisions. Discover hidden information in your unstructured document data sets.

Data Review in numerous similar documents takes time and resources. With the AIdot System, we can shorten the time from days to minutes with higher accurate results.

Relevant information is always available at your employees' fingertips. Knowledge and content management question answering system for enriched user experience - AI. Intelligent Cognitive Search and Document Comparing

Business Strategy is based on forecasting

Artificial Intelligence takes forecasting to new, higher levels, skipping a few on the way. This is fantastic news for Consulting Firms - we can provide them with the tools that add value to their clients, and the results are tangible and visible in a short space of time. With strategic forecasting, we can look into the future to determine what markets may develop, what means the company needs to exploit those markets, and ways to get there. Still, some guesswork is involved; however, you can base your forecasts on solid business principles

Accurate results with intelligent AIdot System

When working on the AIdot System, our objective was to deliver an intelligent, sophisticated tool powered by AI/ML that will benefit our clients who are dealing with vast volumes of documents. Additionally, we expanded our portfolio with bespoke forecasting services. All our solutions use the latest technologies such as AI, ML, NLP, and Neural Networks. We are confident that our vision will enable our clients to succeed. - AI. Intelligent Cognitive Search and Document Comparing


How can Artificial Intelligence help forcast demand better?

With Intelligent Forecasting, business leaders are creating a planning process that works for them—all based on predictive modeling and advanced analytics. This value-added data and insight provide visibility into what exactly drives the business. It allows Financial Services to determine and eliminate bias from forecasts.

Use cases

Accelerate research,
Find what others don't

Consultants and analysts leading new research and innovation need access to information from clients and previous work buried within their corporate data stores. With agile, accurate search, they spend less time fact-finding and more time high profile work

Centralise access to knowledge

Using AIdot System, you can easily aggregate content (documents, information) from various repositories, and silos into a centralized index that allow your team of consultants quickly search all of your enterprise data and find the most accurate answer

Data Review, Document Comparing

Now, Consulting Firms can leverage our intelligent AIdot Systems to cut contract review and document comparison by 80%. In other words, what took weeks or months, now we can accomplish in minutes with the highest accuracy and efficiency

Mitigate regulatory and compliance risks

Use AI and ML to quickly identify and interpret regulatory policies published across hundreds of various web portals so you can improve content information with granular accuracy and compliance processes. Delivering error-free agreements to your clients.

Expand and Cultivate your Client base

Time and Cost effective

Enable your teams to analyze data in a fraction of the time with less risk by automatically identifying crucial contract metadata from various agreements and documents using AIdot build-in intelligence.

Achieving greater efficiencies can also help you cut costs and increase margins. - AI. Intelligent Cognitive Search and Document Comparing - AI. Intelligent Cognitive Search and Document Comparing

Provide Data-Driven advice

Comprehending data is critical in recommending the best solutions to clients. Use the AIdot System to extract insight from your unstructured data within your documents.

Discover hidden opportunities and offer more valuable advice

Enhanced Risk Assessment

Assist your clients in identifying areas at risk to provide accurate assessments of their business. Gain an immediate high level of understanding of your client’s contractual obligations and quickly tailor and export summaries to identify opportunities - AI. Intelligent Cognitive Search and Document Comparing


AIdot System - Highly accurate intelligent search service powered by Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing giving you agility and advantage over competition.


Artificial Intelligence assists us in collecting information from documents to reduce review times and improve operational efficiencies with unsupervised learning from data sets.

Cost savings

Research shows that companies see a conversion cost reduction of up to 20% when using AI to improve core business processes. So while AI may seem intimidating at first, the benefits are well worth the investment.


Technology in the Consulting Firm

Consulting Firms are today facing increasing challenges in their field of operations. More and more players appear on the market hence many are looking for solutions to improve offers addressed to clients. Such opportunities are created by AI and ML technologies in the Cloud Platform. Our AIdot System will assist Advisory Firms to have an advantage over the competition

Gain actionable insights

Intelligent Fact-Finding

Streamline your review processes by embracing the AIdot SaaS System to read, extract, analyse and comprehend core and vital information across an entire spectrum of contracts (including historical)

Mergers and Acquisitions,

Conduct your granular research and studies to find relevant information to stay on top of market trends and deal terms when negotiating exceptional arrangements—helping your clients access the latest information.

Compliance, All Data

Quickly review documents and contracts agreements to identify risks due to any legal and regulatory changes to assist law firms in confidently preparing a remediation plan ahead of the strict deadlines

Digital Transformation

AIdot System is designed to integrate information, search and analyse data, and use resulting insights to improve decision making with deep learning models.

Efficiency, Productivity

Improve the efficiency and productivity of your TEAM dramatically with an innovative and bespoke AIdot System with an intuitive user experience

Engine for all Data

With the ability to collect, process and analyse vast data from central repositories, AI/ML can enable a deep understanding of


What is the value proposition?

We want to reverse the question: How AI can prevent losing value? The Core objective for Consulting Firms is to advise clients in the best ways to mitigate risks, advance clients' skills, invest in modern data infrastructure and follow best practices.
We know that our AIdot System can add value in intelligent document processing: reading, analysing, comprehending, comparing and searching. That will save an enormous amount of time and costs in any organisation and increase the accuracy - AI. Intelligent Cognitive Search and Document Comparing

Increase Employee Experience and Satisfaction

Shift away from tedious, manual, time-consuming, and labour-intensive document reviews and focus on allocating time more wisely for greater productivity. Find the new balance with the AIdot System to help lower incidences of burnout.

The young generation is eager to try Automation and Artificial Intelligence in their daily scope of work and widen their Horizons.

An Immense Value of Innovation

The lack of the best talent means many companies are outsourcing or relying on Consulting Firms.

We aim to assist you with an innovative, intelligent AIdot System to read, analyze, comprehend, compare and search the immense value of documents. Artificial Intelligence gives you the power of hundreds of virtual consultants that can work on outsourcing projects, and assist your clients. An important factor in optimization - AI. Intelligent Cognitive Search and Document Comparing

How can we assist Consulting Firms with Automation and AI?

Artificial Intelligence can help support more complex decisions in key areas such as human resources, budgeting, marketing, capital allocation and even corporate strategy — long the bastion of bespoke consulting firms such as McKinsey, Bain, and BCG, and the major marketing agencies

Top Questions about AIdot System

Our goal from the start was to build a system that is easy to use self-explanatory. The fundamental reason is so easy is because AI/ML/NLP is doing all the challenging, tedious, boring work in the back-end.

Security in AIdot System is paramount AIdot System is hosted in AWS Cloud, the best in class Cloud infrastructure with an array of security tools to help secure, maintain, and secure at 100% all the time

Imagine you have to review 200+ very similar documents; however, because of business requirements, the data in those documents have to be very accurate.

Amplify Consulting Firm's capabilities and streamline
document processing with high efficiency and accuracy