AI understands, Documents.

Automate DOCUMENT PROCESSING using Intelligent Search and Document Comparing that assist all organisations in minimising the time they spend on manual document processing

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Documents are probably the simplest way to store data. Processing documents manually is very time-consuming. Let us do the work for you— with argumentative intelligence, we can automate the process, save you time and money, and deliver a higher level of accuracy giving you an edge over competitors.

Benefits - AI. Intelligent Cognitive Search and Document Comparing

Find relevant answers,

Natural Language search capability retrieves information at all levels of your organisation in a quick and accurate way. You can easily find the information you need – no matter where it is stored! - AI. Intelligent Cognitive Search and Document Comparing

Centralise access to knowledge

Find the most accurate answers to even your most complex questions by quickly searching across all enterprise data - easily aggregate content from many organisations' repositories into this index. - AI. Intelligent Cognitive Search and Document Comparing

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Service that uses Machine Learning to discover valuable insights and connections in text. Automate extraction from legal briefs, and financial services. - AI. Intelligent Cognitive Search and Document Comparing

Comprehensive Document Compering

Compare hundreds of documents with a Master Copy in seconds. Fantastic tool powered by AI/ML for data review. All results were extracted to Excel. Days of tedious work are gone. - AI. Intelligent Cognitive Search and Document Comparing

Increase employee Productivity

By unifying content from diverse multi-structured information repositories across an organisation. Users can quickly search and access the most relevant information. - AI. Intelligent Cognitive Search and Document Comparing

Unique customer experience (UX)

Whether through Chatbots or agent-assist, AIdot System better understands what your customer is asking, and provides more relevant answers and intuitive experiences.


Intelligent Search Solution

Understand documents automatically, helping users find the information they need quickly and easily

Document Comparing, Review

Comparing source documents with reference documents on phrases, topics, sentiments and semantic search

Intelligent Automation

Synergies by working hand-in-hand with human workforce, digitising and processing documents at speed

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We build implementation roadmaps to help you bring in new opportunities. How do we do that? By analysing your current system, documenting it, and planning out what needs to be done first, second, and third. Our intelligent automation ensures that you're getting the most out of your business processes.

Data Analysis

Getting ahead of the competition

In crowded market space, businesses seek a new way to deliver a better customer experience, do things better, and innovate their services, products and offerings. Intelligent Automation is a new way to outsmart the competition, open new streamlined business avenues, to achieve new opportunities. We have the know-how in efficient and accurate document processing that translates to time and money-saving

How does it work?

It is time to say goodbye to sifting through a long list of irrelevant links and scanning documents wishing that one has the information you need. Unlike legacy (old) search technologies, Natural Language Understanding (NLU) search capabilities always return the answers you are looking for quickly and accurately, no matter in which silos the information lives within your organisation.

Intelligent Search

Innovation, Efficiency, Productivity and Creativity

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Reading and Understanding Documents - Automation

AIdot System plays a vital role in the Legal and other industries that process vast volumes of documents. It can be not easy to understand the legal phrasing -- nonetheless above ten thousand documents can be examined by our Intelligent, driven system

It takes over eight hours to read and comprehend a 300-page document, what about if you have to understand over a thousand of those? Can you afford to spend three years going through agreements, reports and contracts? Artificial Intelligence can assist you in minutes

Intelligent Search

Our AIdot system delivers an AI-powered search designed to understand your goal and return results based on how you expressed that goal. When you can ask a "human question" and get an answer that is expressed in a few sentences, you'll be less likely to waste time searching for information. The focus is on saving time and money, reducing research workload, and above all assisting employees to find the most relevant information quickly and easily. - AI. Intelligent Cognitive Search and Document Comparing - AI. Intelligent Cognitive Search and Document Comparing

Document Comparison

Checking or looking for changes in multiple documents is time-consuming and error-prone. AIdot System document comparison SaaS software can automate the process, so you spend more time on work that matters.

We take a holistic approach - all documents are read and understood by Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing. End-user can specify dozen-plus questions to verify that information is current in all documents in relation to 'Master Copy'. In that way, you know that all essential clauses are present in all documents. Using unlimited power of Artificial Intelligence.

Security & Privacy

Security and privacy are our top priorities. We have a proven track record of keeping your data safe and secure. We leverage over 25 years of experience in this sector, and we are confident that we can make your deployment as secure as a bank or higher. We comply with PCI DSS and other standards that your data and reputation remain intact all the time. - AI. Intelligent Cognitive Search and Document Comparing - AI. Intelligent Cognitive Search and Document Comparing


AIdot System integrates easily with all your current and future applications. Connectors make it easy to synchronise data from multiple content repositories and applications. Bespoke connectors sync your index with the data source, so you are always securely searching through the most up to date content - internal and external

AIdot System to Empower Your Teams

With Automation and innovative Artificial Intelligence, we want to widen your horizons and open new revenue streams

Law Firms

Firms can provide more excellent client value and mitigate risks through an efficient and accurate AI powered document analysis, comprehension and search.

Professional Services

Professional Services teams can create a better client experience and drive insightful and higher-quality solutions services. - AI. Intelligent Cognitive Search and Document Comparing

Top Questions about AIdot System

Our goal from the start was to build a system that is easy to use self-explanatory. The fundamental reason is so easy is because AI/ML/NLP is doing all the challenging, tedious, boring work in the back-end.

Security in AIdot System is paramount AIdot System is hosted in AWS Cloud, the best in class Cloud infrastructure with an array of security tools to help secure, maintain, and secure at 100% all the time

Imagine you have to review 200+ very similar documents; however, because of business requirements, the data in those documents have to be very accurate.